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Neetish Basnet

My name is Neetish Basnet. I was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, renowned for its people cramming, dirty rivers and appreciation of ‘60s hippie culture. In ancient Sanskrit language, Neetish means “king of knowledge”. Although the “king” part is dubious, I do, however, excel in general knowledge questions and impromptu quizzes at informal social gatherings with friends and families .

I like to say that I am an enlighten and all-knowing being. But I am not. Thus, the quest continues. And, I happen to be a journalist and a writer.

I will attempt to keep this website as updated as possible.

The dynamic world of news and media offers an opportunity to empower an information’s creator and its receiver. I commit and contribute to it. I am a storytelling and try to convey an issue’s underlying and hidden implications. Interests ranges from politics, sports, humor to science, fashion and entertainment and everything in between, with micro-graphic focus.

I have a journalism degree from University of Texas at Arlington, graduated cum laude in 2018. Dow Jones News Fund selected me as one of its digital media fellow. I attended a residency program at Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in Phoenix, Arizona. Then, I dived into the world of business news with a digital media internship at Dallas Business Journal for a while.  I have indulged myself in the capsular corner of local news, where I try to make sense of a tight knit small town with its city newspaper, Burleson Star. Currently, I write businesses stories in Fort Worth, the soon-to-be 12th largest city in the U.S. I cover small business, tech and health science for Fort Worth Business Press.

Journalists spend valuable years of their academic and professional life studying, researching, practicing and sharpening their craft. The certitude is that they are an expert in their field. Journalists know what is news-worthy and what is not. Let the doctors treat patients. And similarly, let the press be free.